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Sick and without papers?

MediNetz Würzburg is a human rights initiative. We want to improve the situation of refugees and migrants, who do not have full access to the German health care system due to German legislation. During our consultation-hours we arrange medical assistance for refugees and migrants without papers or access to appropriate treatment

Together with the patient we try to determine the medical needs. Hereupon we arrange appointments with physicians and specialists who are prepared to attend to refugees and migrants anonymously and for free or reduced rates. We can also organise translations, if needed.
Besides consultation-hours, we have an answering machine that is available 24/7 and is being checked regularly. Furthermore, it is also possible to meet at different times or places, if necessary.
We guarantee that the consultations will remain strictly confidential. MediNetz Würzburg does not inform the authorities and no personal information is collected by our staff.


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